Real Estate Sign Posts

Real estate sign posts, yard posts, temporary sign posts for real estate agents and others who are selling or renting properties.  We offer custom colored sign posts.  Stock colors include red sign posts, black real estate sign posts, white sign posts, and blue sign posts.  We also carry vinyl real estate sign posts.

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Real Estate Sign Post - Traditional White Vinyl

Economical more compact vinyl sign post. This package comes with a post, arm, hardware, post and arm caps and a steel ground anchor. Everything you need to hang your sign and install the post. The post is 64" tall (2" x 3 1/2" material). The standard arm (7/8" x 3" material) will hold a sign up to 24" wide, a larger arm is also available that will hold signs up to 36" wide. Made from new PVC...won't rot, fade or warp. Easy to install. Holes to attach signs are spaced 16" and 20" apart and centered on the short arm., 16" and 24" for the longer arm. The swing restraint fastener on the post would correspond to a hole or grommet 17" down from the top of your sign. If you need custom fastener placement leave a note below.